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File A Complaint

What is a Public Utility?

A public utility is any individual, firm, partnership, association, corporation, or other person, which provides a public service, affects the public interest and operates as a monopoly or franchise.

If you have a complaint about your utility service, first seek the assistance of your utility company – your utility company is required by law to try to help, the Virgin Islands Public Services Commission’s personnel will assist you and investigate your complaint.

The Complaint Process

The Commission’s complaint process, which may involve three (3) levels of investigation – the initial complaint, the hearing and review, and a request for reconsideration to the Commission – protects you from unfair and improper utility practices.

Take the following steps if you have an unresolved complaint against a public utility company:

1. Fill out form below. Press Submit when finished.

Your Information

Complaint Information

Briefly describe your complaint in the order in which it took place. Please include specific details; for example: dates, names, occurrences. Please be as specific as possible. Include whether the utility in question was advised of your complaint.

Please submit a copy of all letters, receipts, cancelled checks, or any other documents that may support your claim (via hand delivery, mail or fax). Keep in mind, that as part of the complaint handling process, the PSC may forward a copy of this complaint to the utility complained against.

The Commission’s staff will conduct a full investigation of your complaint and notify you of the decision on your complaint, the reasons for the decision and, action you may take. While your complaint is being handled by the Commission, you must pay amounts of your bill(s) not in dispute or your service may be terminated by the utility company.

2. If you believe the initial decision is wrong, you can request in writing a formal hearing before the Commission and a hearing examiner may be appointed to review your complaint.

After the request is reviewed you will be notified stating when and where the hearing will be held, (you don’t have to be present at a hearing), asking you to submit certain documents to the Commission and, informing you of your right to be represented by the person of your choice. If you and the utility company are unable to settle your complaint, the hearing examiner appointed by the Commission will issue a report of findings and recommend a decision to the Commission. The Commission will make a decision on your complaint and notify you.

3. If you believe that the Commission’s decision was wrong, you can file a request for reconsideration, within 30 days, to the Commission.

Your written request for reconsideration must state specifically that there was an error by the hearing examiner and/or the Commission which affected the decision, or that evidence not previously available, would affect the decision. The Commission will make a decision to the hearing examiner for further consideration, or may order further proceedings. You will be notified of the Commission’s decision.